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One of the area's busiest, most unique and exciting ensembles


...for musical excellence
Twenty to thirty singers are chosen by audition. Strong emphasis is placed on voice production for the best possible blend and ensemble sound. A portion of the memorized program is sung a cappella, to feature the beauty of the human voice. Musical growth for singers is a priority goal in an atmosphere of pleasant camaraderie. The group's special charm is its warmth and enthusiasm. See Membership and Current Openings
...for extensive concert scheduling
In year-round rehearsals, the company prepares two series of concerts for about 20 performances annually. This gives a good return on our investment of rehearsal time. See Concerts
...for use of vivid color
Each show is a feast to the eye as well as the ear -- from the striking color of the women's gowns to the rainbow of colors used in costuming dance and theatrical presentations. See Photo Gallery
...for unique programming
Our concept differs from the usual "theme" idea. Rather than preparing a program based on a holiday, a season, or a single composer, we plan each performance to include the widest possible variety of music from Mendelssohn to Musical Theater. People of every taste can find something to enjoy. See Repertoire
...for fine musical entertainment freely available to the public
In an effort to include the entire community, most performances are given without admission charge. See Concerts